Valley Forge Sewer Authority

Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2018


The Valley Forge Sewer Authority monthly meeting was held on Monday, August 13, 2018, at 7:00 pm.  The following people attended the meeting:  Board members: Norman Vutz, Charles Melle, David Greer, David Demey and William LaPorte. Staff: Leonard Pinchok; Consultant: Ed DiMond


Lloyd Knauer, Rick Taylor and Eric Stoltz were also in attendance.


Mr. Vutz called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Public Comment

No public comments were made.


Meeting Minutes

The July 2018 meeting minutes were presented.  Mr. Melle made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. Greer seconded and the Board unanimously approved. 



Operations Report

Mr. Pinchok reported that the Authority was in compliance with all permit requirements for the month of July and that there were no odor complaints.


Financial Report

Mr. Pinchok reviewed the statement of operations and budget to actual summary with the Board.  He reported that both Fund 10 and Fund 20 have surpluses at this time.  Mr. Pinchok reviewed several line items with the Board.  He then presented the following expenses for payment approval:

The Imprest fund in the amount of $390, the credit card expenses in the amount of $2,053 and the A/P Invoices in the amount of $315,093.  Mr. LaPorte made a motion to approve these expenses.  Mr. Demey seconded and the Board unanimously approved. 

Mr. Pinchok then presented the regular requisitions in the amount of $39,400 and the Treatment Plant Expansion/Upgrade requisitions in the amount of $3,903 for approval.  Mr. Greer made a motion to approve these expenses.  Mr. Demey seconded and the Board unanimously approved payment.


Mr. Knauer reported that the generator project has been completed.  He noted that the Canopy Roof project is close to completion with a couple of punch list items remaining.


New Business


Mr. LaPorte reported that he had attended the Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association Symposium and had submitted links to the slides in an email to the other Board members.  He reported that the event was very educational and that he received good insight.  He reported that the Association consists of various Authorities within the Mid-Atlantic area.


Mr. LaPorte also noted that the VFSA is not currently a member of the Association, but would be happy to look into the requirements to become a member if the Board so desired. 


The staff discussed the Class A Biosolids information with the Board, including usage allowances and consumption.  Mr. Taylor reported that Class A biosolids are considered fertilizer and can be used on gardens.


Old Business

Articles of Incorporation Renewal

Mr. Pinchok reviewed the draft amendment to the Articles of Incorporation with the Board.  He then presented the draft letter to be submitted to the townships, requesting their approval to extend the Articles of Incorporation contract for another 50 years.  He noted that the current Articles of Incorporation will expire on February 9, 2019.  Mr. LaPorte made a motion to approve the letter to the townships as drafted.  Mr. Melle seconded and the Board unanimously approved.


East Pikeland Projects

Mr. Pinchok reported that a meeting with East Pikeland Township is scheduled for Friday, August 17th, to discuss unallocated capacity and outstanding township projects to determine EDU needs.


Plant Expansion & Upgrade Project

Mr. Pinchok reported that the coating of the tanks is to begin by the end of the month.  Mr. DiMond reported that Buchart-Horn is to review the “As Builts” while at the VFSA Wednesday thru Friday of this week.  He reported that the inspector that is on-site will visually identify any deficiencies/inaccuracies, as well as, report on all items that were found to be correct.


He also noted that the fine screen pre-bid meeting was held with 4-5 reputable contractors attending.  He noted that the bidders did a walk thru of the operations building and that their questions / concerns were addressed at that time.  He reported that the bids are due on August 30th and that he will have recommendations to the Board by the September meeting.


VCTS (Valley Creek Trunk Sewer)

Mr. Pinchok reported that he had received an update from Steve Goldfield indicating that he was trying to discuss the rate structure with the other townships.  It was noted that the current discussion amongst the partners is the future rate structure.  Mr. Pinchok stated that he was requesting that Mr. Goldfield attend the next monthly meeting and updates the Board on his findings to date. The Board concurred with this request.  Mr. Pinchok noted that there are 5 partners that use the trunk sewer and that charges are based on measured flow rates.


Mr. LaPorte requested it be on record of the Board’s appreciation and thanks to Deb Bingham for her diligence on resolving the insurance claims.


Mr. Greer reported that the memorial bench for Michael Rodgers was presented to his family.  He noted that it was a very nice, tearful event and that the family was very appreciative of the kind gesture by the Authority.


Mr. Knauer reported that all the pump stations handled the recent heavy rains and that the generators were performing well in power outages.


Staff Assignments

1.     Verify member requirements to Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association.

2.     Dave Greer to inform Charlestown Township prior to sending Amendment for Articles of Incorporation and draft Resolutions to incorporating townships.

3.     Invite Mr. Goldfield to the September monthly meeting.

4.     Review legal options regarding “as Builts” drawings.


Mr. Vutz adjourned the regular monthly meeting at 8:10pm and the Board immediately entered into Executive Session.