Valley Forge Sewer Authority

Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2017

The Valley Forge Sewer Authority monthly meeting was held on Monday, February 13, 2017, at 7:00 pm.  The following people attended the meeting: Board members: Michael Rodgers, Charles Melle, Norman Vutz, and Marilyn Randolph.  Staff: Leonard Pinchok and Martin Goldberg, Consultant: Ed DiMond


Lloyd Knauer, Rick Taylor and Steve Yuhas also attended the meeting.


Mr. Rodgers called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mr. Rodgers stated that the Board held an Executive Session on January 31, 2017, with the Authority’s special solicitor, to discuss legal matters regarding the Valley Creek Trunk Sewer Draft Settlement Agreement.


Public Comment

No public comments were made.


Meeting Minutes

The January regular meeting minutes were presented to the Board.   Mr. Melle made a motion to approve.  Mr. Vutz seconded and the Board unanimously approved.  The reorganization minutes were also presented.  Mr. Melle made a motion to approve these minutes.  Ms. Randolph seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved.



Operations Report

Mr. Goldberg reported that the Authority was in compliance with all permit requirements for the month of January and reported 0 odor complaints.  He noted that the Authority was in compliance with the copper limits for the 8th straight month.  He also reported that DEP was reviewing the Water Effects Ratio (WER) study plan for copper and they indicated that they would report back to the staff in March 2017.


Financial Report

Mr. Pinchok reviewed the combined statement of operations with the Board.  He reported that both Fund 10 and Fund 20 were showing surpluses at this time.  The following expenses were then presented for payment: the Imprest fund in the amount of $1,130, the credit card expenses in the amount of $2,202 and the A/P invoices in the amount of $231,009.  Mr. Melle made a motion to pay these expenses.  Ms. Randolph seconded and the Board unanimously approved.  The regular requisitions in the amount of $27,327 were then presented for payment.  Mr. Vutz made a motion to pay these expenses.  Mr. Melle seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved.


Committee Meeting

Operations & Construction

Mr. Goldberg reported that the Operations & Construction committee meeting was held on February 13, 2017 prior to the regular monthly meeting. He noted that the committee was updated on the treatment plant expansion/upgrade project.


He reported that Buchart-Horn requested compensation for the ongoing costs of legal fees and additional engineering and communications.  Buchart-Horn requested permission to invoice the VFSA.  The committee recommended the Board to allow Buchart-Horn to proceed with invoicing and for the partners to be notified of the additional costs at the upcoming Joint Board meeting.  Following a brief discussion, Mr. Melle made a motion to instruct Buchart-Horn to move forward with invoicing.  Ms. Randolph seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved.


The committee also discussed the treatment plant screening project and recommended obtaining equipment that is specified for the project.  The committee would also require vendors to provide proof that their product meets these specifications.  The project is being implemented as a change order to the treatment plant upgrade project and the committee requested that Buchart-Horn be awarded the engineering on the project.


The committee then discussed the canopy roof project and informed the Board that Buchart-Horn did an overview of the design and provided some suggestions to reduce the costs.  It was the committee’s preference that the canopy be a two tractor trailer canopy versus the existing one bay canopy. The staff and Buchart-Horn is currently negotiating with the apparent low bidder at this time for the two bay option.


The committee also discussed the proposed sale of the Valley Creek Trunk Sewer and reported that the VFSA had retained the services of attorney Stephen Goldfield.  The committee met with him and informed him of the Board’s concerns regarding this issue. 

The committee recommended that a letter be forwarded to all township managers and all legal counsel involved with this sale.  The Board requested a redraft of the letter to state definitively VFSA’s position and instructed the staff to provide copies of the letter to all Board members for review and comment. 


The committee discussed VFSA property items and the Board instructed the staff to review the deeds corresponding to the areas discussed and also to put the paving of the access road to the treatment plant out for public bidding.  It was noted that the easement and Penndot’s easement need to be cleared of trees and other obstructions for better sight lines when exiting the VFSA property on to Pawling Road.  The staff is also to research liability issues and sovereign immunity as well.

New Business

No new business was presented.


Old Business

East Pikeland Projects

Mr. Pinchok stated that there is nothing on the table to report and that Cutler has changed ownership to Toll Brothers.


Staff Assignments

  1. Revise letter re: VCTS and forward to the Board.
  2. Research deed pertaining to treatment plant access road.
  3. Research driveway and easement issues.
  4. Prepare paving project to be put out for public bid.


Mr. Vutz made a motion to adjourn the regular monthly meeting at 8:03pm.  Ms. Randolph seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved.