Valley Forge Sewer Authority

Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2018


The Valley Forge Sewer Authority monthly meeting was held on Monday, June 11, 2018, at 7:00 pm.  The following people attended the meeting:  Board members: Norman Vutz, Charles Melle, David Demey, David Greer, Samuel Cupp and William LaPorte.

Staff: Leonard Pinchok and Martin Goldberg; Consultant: Ed Dimond


Staff members, Lloyd Knauer, Rick Taylor and Guy Donatelli, Council to the Authority, were also in attendance.


Mr. Vutz called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Public Comment

The Board welcomed Samuel Cupp, Charlestown Township representative, who is replacing the late Michael Rodgers on the Board.


The Board entered into Executive Session at 7:07pm and resumed the regular monthly meeting at 8:05pm.  The Board reported that litigation matters were discussed with council.


Meeting Minutes

The May 2018 meeting minutes were presented.  Mr. Demey made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. LaPorte seconded and the Board unanimously approved.



Operations Report

Mr. Goldberg reported that the Authority was in compliance with all permit requirements for the month of May and that there were no odor complaints. Mr. Goldberg noted that the sewer system has been hit hard with 2 recent intense storms and that the equipment was functional during those events; however, manhole rehabilitation in the French Creek basin will need to be addressed as a priority project.  He reported that the goal is to get the specifications for this work put out to bid next year.


Financial Report

Mr. Pinchok reviewed the financial statements with the Board and reported that both Fund 10 and Fund 20 were showing surpluses at this time.  He briefly explained the financial reports to Mr. Cupp.  He then presented the following expenses for approval: the Imprest Fund in the amount of $665, the credit card expenses in the amount of $1,634, and the A/P Invoices in the amount of $259,658.  Mr. Melle made a motion to approve these expenses and Mr. Cupp seconded.  The Board unanimously approved payment.  The regular requisitions were then presented in the amount of $395,752.  Mr. LaPorte made a motion to pay the requisitions.  Mr. Cupp seconded and the Board unanimously approved payment.  The Upgrade/Expansion requisitions were then presented for payment in the amount of $30,312.  Mr. Melle made a motion to pay these expenses.  Mr. Demey seconded and the Board unanimously approved payment.

New Business

Joint Board Meeting

Mr. Pinchok reviewed the agenda and items to be discussed at the Joint Board meeting scheduled to be held on June 14, 2018.  He noted that among the agenda items are the previous meeting minutes to be reviewed, and the treatment plant draft audit report will also be reviewed.  Also on the Joint Board agenda is review the treatment plant and construction plant operations reports.



Operations & Construction Meeting Review

Mr. Goldberg reported that two main items were discussed.  The first item was the Bio-Solids contract, which involves the transport and disposal of bio-solids. He also reported that Rick Taylor and he visited one of the farms where the bio-solids are being used.


The second item was the design of the influent screen. He reported that the staff and engineer put a lot of work into the design effort. The design was based on a specific screening device. On review the committee recommended a procurement process whereby the engineer negotiates a fixed price for the screen and ancillary, and that price is included in the bid documents. He also reported that the design is ready to go out to bid and the committee recommends that this move forward according to the committee recommendation.  Mr. Cupp made a motion for the staff to proceed.  Mr. Greer seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved.


Old Business

East Pikeland Projects

Mr. Goldberg informed the Board that there was no new information to report.


Plant Expansion & Upgrade Project

Mr. Melle inquired as to when the painting of the tank will be resolved.  It was noted that this has not been completed yet because of the litigation in progress at this time.


VCTS (Valley Creek Trunk Sewer)

Mr. Pinchok reported that there is no information available and that the last discussion with the attorney was that the solicitor was still waiting to hear back from the township.


Staff Assignments

  1. Send procedures from Vince re: resolutions to the Board.
  2. Provide email of expire dates relating to Articles of Incorporation.
  3. Contact Joint Board Schuylkill Township representative.
  4. Treatment Plant draft audit report.
  5. Copy of Operation & Construction committee booklets to Board.
  6. Remit updated contact information to Board members.


Mr. Vutz adjourned the regular monthly meeting at 8:57pm and the Board immediately entered into Executive Session. 


Executive Session

The board went into Executive Session to discuss manager’s performance reviews.  The Executive Session ended at 10:47pm.