Valley Forge Sewer Authority

Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2017

The Valley Forge Sewer Authority monthly meeting was held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at 7:00 pm.  The following people attended the meeting:  Board members: Daniel Reese, Michael Rodgers, William Hochwind, and Marilyn Randolph, Staff: Leonard Pinchok and Martin Goldberg; Consultant: Ed DiMond


Rick Taylor and Steve Yuhas also attended the meeting.


Mr. Rodgers called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Public Comment

No public comments were made.


Meeting Minutes

The February 2017 meeting minutes were presented to the Board.  Ms. Randolph made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. Reese seconded and the Board unanimously approved.



Operations Report

Mr. Goldberg reported that the Authority was in compliance with all permit requirements for the month of February and that there were no odor complaints for the month.  He reported February was the ninth consecutive month that copper limitations have been in compliance. The staff is continuing to pursue the water effects ratio (WER) study. 


Mr. Goldberg also reported that the majority of approval from the partners to release the bar screen contract have been obtained. 


Financial Report

Mr. Pinchok reviewed the Revenue and TPO Budget to Actual report with the Board and reported that both Fund 10 and Fund 20 were showing a surplus at this time.  He then presented the following expenses for approval:  the Imprest fund in the amount of $322, the credit card expenses in the amount of $1,617 and the A/P Invoices in the amount of $250,562.  Mr. Reese made a motion to pay these expenses.  Ms. Randolph seconded and the Board unanimously approved.  The requisitions in the amount of $9,880 were then presented.  Mr. Reese made a motion to pay these expenses.  Mr. Hochwind seconded and the Board unanimously approved.


New Business

Customer Request to Write-Off Charges

Mr. Pinchok reviewed a customer letter with the Board requesting a waiver of the entire amount of the fee or to have a payment plan schedule set up.

Mr. Pinchok reported that a sewer certification was never done when the property ownership changed, however, common PA law states whether the fees are billed or not, if you use the system, you are liable for payment.  Following a brief discussion, the Board agreed that the customer is liable to pay the bill in full.  It was determined that the full amount, interest and the municipal lien expenses are to be paid within one year’s time with the option to pay the balance in full within 30 days.  The Board instructed the staff to follow procedures and submit a letter to the customer regarding payment.


Old Business

Canopy Roof

Mr. Goldberg reviewed the email sent to the Board that reevaluated the costs of the roof project.  He reported that the committee discussed the two bay option and to renegotiate costs with the contractor.  He reported that the VFSA was able to reduce the costs with the contractor and the committee recommended awarding the contract.  Mr. Rodgers made a motion to award Derstine Company, LLC the contract with the two bay option at the lower costs.  Ms. Randolph seconded and the Board unanimously approved.


East Pikeland Projects

Mr. Reese shared the information he received at the meeting with the township supervisors in discussing the Pikeland Glen property with the Board.


Executive Session

The Board entered into Executive Session at 8pm and reconvened the regular monthly meeting at 8:30pm.  The Board discussed public official matters in the session.


Plant Expansion & Upgrade Project


Regarding unsatisfactory items by the contractor, the gravity thickeners require repair work due to improper application and coating thicknesses that were not within the specifications. The contractor has acknowledged responsibility for repairing these deficiencies and this must take place when the weather is warmer.


Mssrs. DiMond and Goldberg discussed the change order #8 and application for payment issues with the Board.  A short discussion ensued and the staff was instructed to follow through on the discussion items.   Mr. Reese made a motion to proceed with legal correspondence to contractor.  Ms. Randolph seconded and the Board unanimously approved.


VCTS Valley Creek Trunk Sewer (VCTS) Proposed Sale

Mr. Pinchok reported that he had requested a meeting with the Board members representing VCTS partners and their council and noted that the township suggested March 29th at 9am.  However, several Board members had conflicting schedules and instructed the staff to negotiate a different date and time for the meeting in order to have more Board members in attendance.  The Board instructed the staff to have all questions/comments/intent clear and ready for to be presented at the meeting.  The Board also reiterated their desire that all provisions of the Treatment Plant Agreement must remain intact and unchanged by a potential sale of the VCTS.  The staff was instructed to allow the Board to review their response prior to submittal and to provide a list of subjects to be discussed.



Mr. Reese inquired about the status regarding the Faggioli property.  The staff reported that they are still researching deed information and will add to the agenda for next month.


Staff Assignments


Mr. Reese made a motion to adjourn the regular monthly meeting at 9:30pm.  Ms. Randolph seconded and the Board unanimously adjourned the meeting.