Valley Forge Sewer Authority

Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2018

The Valley Forge Sewer Authority monthly meeting was held on Monday, May 14, 2018, at 7:00 pm.  The following people attended the meeting:  Board members: Norman Vutz, Charles Melle, David Demey, David Greer and William LaPorte. Staff: Leonard Pinchok and Martin Goldberg; Consultant: Ed Dimond


Lloyd Knauer and Rick Taylor were also in attendance. Mr. Melle called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. 



Mr. Pinchok discussed recommendations with the Board for standing committee placements, so that each member municipality is represented in each committee.  Mr. Melle made a motion to approve the recommendations.  Mr. LaPorte seconded and the Board unanimously approved.  Mr. Melle made a motion to elect Norman Vutz as the Board chairperson.  Mr. Demey seconded and the Board unanimously approved. It was noted that the Assistant Secretary position will remain vacant until a new member from Charlestown has been assigned to the Board.


Public Comment

No comments were made.


Meeting Minutes

The April 2018 meeting minutes were presented.  Mr. Melle made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. Demey seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved the minutes.



Operations Report

Mr. Goldberg reported that the Authority was in compliance with all permit requirements for the month of April and that there were no odor complaints. Mr. Vutz made a motion to approve the report.  Mr. Demey seconded and the Board unanimously approved.


Financial Report

Mr. Pinchok reviewed the financial statements with the Board and discussed several items in the A/P Invoices.  Mr. Pinchok reported that both Fund 10 and Fund 20 were showing surpluses and answered several questions the Board had on the financial reports.  He then presented the following expenses for approval: the Imprest Fund in the amount of $636.  Mr. Melle made a motion to approve and Mr. Vutz seconded; the credit card expenses in the amount of $4,959.  Mr. Vutz made a motion to approve and Mr. Demey seconded; the A/P Invoices in the amount of $219,038.  Mr. Greer made a motion to approve and Mr. Melle seconded; the requisitions in the amount of $1,980.  Mr. Melle made a motion to approve and Mr. LaPorte seconded; the TP Expansion/Upgrade requisitions in the amount of $44,036.  Mr. Vutz made a motion to approve and Mr. Greer seconded.  The Board was unanimous for all the motions presented.

New Business

Master Agreement for Casting Adjustments

Mr. Goldberg provided information to the Board regarding the agreement between the Authority and PennDot.  He explained that each Agency must coordinate its efforts such as sewers which are under state highways which may require manhole repair during a road overlay project on a PennDot road.  The agreement covers business as usual work and equipment between the Authority and PennDot and outlines costs which may have to be assumed by the Authority to improve its structures during a PennDot project. This Agreement has been in force for many years and it is updated every three years.  Mr. Goldberg indicated that the current Agreement renewal will be valid until November 2020.


Mr. Vutz questioned whether the contract shows fair pricing costs as compared with earlier contract renewals.  Mr. Goldberg will have the staff review and report their findings back to him prior to acceptance of the renewal.  Mr. LaPorte made a motion to conditionally approve the contract renewal pending the staff’s review and Mr. Goldberg’s approval.  Mr. Vutz seconded and the Board unanimously approved the motion as stated.



Mr. Pinchok displayed to the Board an award presented to the Valley Forge Sewer Authority by PIRMA Insurance for having a safe environment in the work place.


Mr. Melle requested more involvement by the Board with regards to outside consultations and legal meetings.  He suggested that Board members are kept apprised of said meetings’ dates and times.


Mr. Melle inquired upon the possibility of a plaque in memoriam and recognition of former board chairman, Michael Rodgers’ life and services to the Authority be presented to his family.


Old Business


East Pikeland Projects

Mr. LaPorte reported that he had spoken with Kim Moretti, the East Pikeland Township manager, on various projects.  He stated that the township is still evaluating their needs for future sewerage capacity.  It was noted that their solicitor will review the Township’s revised plans when finalized prior to any recommendations being made to the Authority.


Plant Expansion & Upgrade Project

(Introduced, but the legal matter was withheld to executive session.)


VCTS (Valley Creek Trunk Sewer)

Mr. Pinchok stated that there was no new activity to report.



Mr. Pinchok inquired on the Board’s decision regarding the employee request for use of a hand-held metal detector on the property. Following a discussion of various scenarios and options, and comments regarding the opinion of the solicitor, the Board denied the request.


Mr. Melle requested that the staff set up dates for a tour of the facility for the new Board members and notified members to contact Mr. Goldberg if interested.


Mr. Pinchok notified the Board of his efforts to set up training meetings for all Board members with regards to HIPA, the American Disabilities Act and harassment issues within the work place. 


Staff Assignments

  1. Recognition of service for Michael Rodgers’ family.
  2. Schedule committee meetings.
  3. Inform employee of detector denial.
  4. Set up plant tour for new Board members.
  5. Schedule training sessions for Board within next couple months.



Mr. Vutz adjourned the regular monthly meeting at 8:15pm and the Board immediately entered into Executive Session.


Executive Session

The board went into Executive Session to discuss legal matters on Pact Two litigation and manager’s performance reviews.  The Executive Session ended at 9:28pm.


The regular meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.