The Valley Forge Sewer Authority Right-to-Know Act contact information is as follows:

Deborah A. Bingham, Open Records Officer

Valley Forge Sewer Authority

333 Pawling Road

Phoenixville, PA  19460

Phone 610-935-1553

Fax 610-983-9684


Records Request Form (PDF format)

Fee Schedule

                             Item                                       Fee

Copies, per page per side (8-1/2 x 11")
 $  0.25
Faxes, per page (8-1/2 x 11")
 See Below
Blueprint reproduction, per sheet
 See Below

If a public record is only maintained in electronically or other nonpaper media, and the requestor asks for the record in that media, duplication fees shall be the cost incurred by the Authority to supply the necessary device required to transfer the public record in that media.  (In order to maintain the security of the Authority electronic files the Authority reserves the right to require the requestor to receive the public record on a transfer devices purchased by the Authority.)

Specialized documents (for example, but not limited to, blue prints, color copies, non-standard sized documents) are charged at actual cost.

Facsimile, microfiche and other media are charged at actual cost.

Postage fee not to exceed actual mailing costs.

Request for certification shall be charged $10.00 per document regardless of the amount of pages.  Each document requires separate certification and fee.

All third party charges incurred by the Authority necessary to fulfill the request.  With the exception of legal fees incurred to determine if records are public records.

Authority employee hourly rate for the time spent fulfilling the request.  With the exception of time spent reviewing a record to determine if it is a public record and making duplications.

Payment in Advance:  Where estimated charge exceeds $100, the requester will be required to pay the estimated charge prior to the receipt of copies or reproductions.