Valley Forge Sewer Authority

Meeting Agenda

May 9, 2022


Monthly Meeting


I.            Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance


II.            Public Comment.


III.           Executive Session – Sale of Partners Collection Systems-Legal Matters. 


IV.          Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2022 Minutes. (Requires Board Approval)


V.          Operations and Construction Committee (Requires Board Approval)

                            A.   Review Agenda Items.


Vl.          Routine Reports (Requires Board Approval)

              A.   Receive a report on operations.                                                                    


VIl.         New Business


VIIl.        Old Business

A.   Act 537 Special Study – Member Municipalities.

B.   Other. (Requires Board Approval)




              Meetings are currently by Zoom:

              Meeting ID: 314 065 8282

              Passcode: 434239